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What's New?

Hi everybody! Thank you for visiting our website. Here you can see a little bit about us and what's new at MB LASHES LA. We are always working to provide quality eyelash extension services, products, lash training, and supplies. We aim to provide our clients with high grade eyelash extension products while providing affordable eyelash extension services thus, why we are thinking about you when hand selecting and testing the supplies we use for our eyelash extension clients. When it comes to lash artistry, we know how essential it is for professional artists to have a go-to place for high grade eyelash extension products for their lash craft. We strive to help aspiring lash artists and professional artists improve their time, quality, and skill with the eyelash extension products and training we provide.

Every product for our MB Lashes LA lash line is 100% cruelty free. 


Here you will find our latest videos on what's new at MB Lashes LA
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